How does a Brand Manager work well with an Agency? Some Suggestions

A Brand Manager knows this very well: the success of a campaign hinges on the relationship you have with your advertising. So, how do you ensure that this is the case? Human Communications has rummaged through the web and asked a few of our clients and colleagues what makes a great symbiotic relationship between a Brand Manager and an agency. Here we go!

In the first instance, it’s super important to partner with an agency that shares your goals and ethos. At Human Communications, a Brand Manager is able to work with our diverse team of Account Executives and Media Consultants – ensuring that he/she will find common ground. Head on over to to find out more about our vast experience.

Now that the Brand Manager and agency have formed a like-minded partnership, it’s a great idea to cement that partnership by having regular check-ins, be that in-person or via Skype. A lot gets lost in the translation when using e-mail, so seeing the person you are conversing with is a good idea.

That brings us to our next “must”: openness and transparency. It serves no-one of an agency is not completely open with a Brand Manager and vice versa. As always, good teamwork depends on trust, so if there is something that is bothering you or that you would like to change, you should speak up. Here at Human Communications, we highly value your input! If you understand each other, quality output is the result.

Learning and growing as a Brand Manager with your agency is part and parcel of a good relationship. Yes, a clear brief is a wonderful tool, but we know that sometimes that’s just not possible. That’s why willingness and bravery to try new things, explore new avenues and test out new ideas are vital. Human Communications has been in the game for three decades now and we instinctively know what will work – so don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end every now and again. If it’s not what you need, just circle back to openness and let your agency know.

As a Brand Manager, you need to bring the passion. If you’re super enthusiastic about your product, you are sure to positively influence your agency. Passion truly is infectious – a fever we’d all like to catch! Believe in your brand and we will believe in it too.

A Brand Manager is the gatekeeper of his/her brand. To ensure success, you should metaphorically give your advertising agency spare keys to the gate. Let’s work together, or Human Communications like to call it: Making the Human Connection. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!