Content Marketing: Sell your Brand in the Easiest Way Possible

Did you ever think that your brand should advertise an experience, rather than a product?


Here’s why you should: Content marketing is a fantastic way to stimulate interest – getting your existing and potential customers excited about your brand.

Let’s first dig into what content marketing is, in the first place: Content marketing is the sharing of online material (videos, blogs, social media posts, etc) that has been especially formulated to stimulate interest in a product and/or service. It’s an incredibly exciting, vital marketing tool, talking to your customers about things they care about.

Take this blog you’re reading right now: Yes, we do promote Human Communications’ services on here every now and again, but a lot of the time it is about educating you on the best advertising options out there for you. Content marketing in a nutshell!

Speaking of blogs, why don’t we start there? What better way to get a buzz going around your brand than to give informative advice and tips? (Like what we are doing right now? Exactly.) Remember to keep it creative and not too formal. Feeling stuck? Contact Human Communications – even if we say so ourselves, we’re quite skilled at this type of content marketing and can write your blog for you! SEO success here we come!

Using your blog as starting point, you can re-purpose its content for your other social media posts. This is what makes content marketing so convenient: You can take one kernel of an idea, expand on it and then contract it again. How about a humorous Facebook and Twitter post and then a press release on LinkedIn? Turn that Facebook and Twitter post into a video and post it to Instagram Stories et voila! A campaign stands on its own two feet.

To get the most out of content marketing and start a conversation around your brand, why not speak to Human Communications? We have some stellar creatives with some great ideas to share. Speak to your audience directly – that’s what we call making the Human Connection. Time to prep the camera for an Instagram Story! Chat to you soon and have a great week!