Advantages of Magazine Advertising

Hands up those who think magazines are the way to go these days! I see a few hands, yes. But allow me to convince the remainder of you of the advantages of magazine advertising.

Here we go: If you need to reach a niche audience, you will be hard pressed to find a more effective medium. This is one of the big advantages of magazine advertising: The fact that there are a myriad titles catering to even the most obscure of pursuits. Need to sell electrical systems foe hobby use? There’s a magazine for train set enthusiasts waiting for you.

Do you have an event or promotion planned for Pretoria East? What better way than to target potential customers from that area than Get It Pretoria? Indeed, the advantages of magazine advertising are also geographical, meaning you can pinpoint specific customers in specific publications.

What is more attractive than a glossy magazine? With those vibrant colours and inviting layouts, the advantages of magazine advertising extend to aesthetically pleasing layouts. If you want to catch the eye, magazines are the way to go.

How many of us have kept a beloved edition of a magazine? Personally, I still have a cherished copy of British GQ from 1994 and 5 years’ worth of annual collectable issues from Surfer Magazine. What does that mean? Simply that one of the major advantages of magazine advertising is shelf life. If your goal is message reinforcement and brand building that can stand the test of time, choosing a magazine is a great idea.

We most definitely are a digital generation of consumers. What do magazines have that digital doesn’t? Importantly, safety. What that means, is that one of the advantages of magazine advertising is no exposure to hacking, phishing, viruses and the like.

Finally, the advantages of magazine advertising extends to a lucrative demographic: older consumers. Marketers tend to overlook this segment of consumers in favour of the younger generation – but they do so at their peril. Older consumers tend to skew traditional in their media consumption, but this is a segment that has more buying power. Should they be ignored? We think definitely not.

Now that you’re convinced of the advantages of magazine advertising, contact Human Communications today to set up a media strategy. We are the experts in the field and are ready to make the Human Connection. I’m off to go dig up that 1994 copy of British GQ!