Look No Further for Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

In today’s media landscape, it’s definitely not enough to focus on just one avenue of advertising. You will need a 360° approach: Comprehensive marketing solutions.

Is there an agency out there that can offer you comprehensive marketing solutions that stay true to your brand message, while still being enticing and exciting to current and potential customers?

That agency is Human Communications.

We have been top of our game for more than 30 years, yet we know that to keep being the top provider to our clients, we need to keep evolving and offering more solutions. Our newest service offering is Promotional Branding – which we talked about in our previous blog post (see here: http://www.humancommunications.co.za/2018/05/23/promotional-branding/). That’s just one of the comprehensive marketing solutions we offer. Let’s talk about more of them.

We started out as a recruitment advertising agency and have been trusted by multinational juggernauts, government agencies, SMMEs and every conceivable company in between to provide them with the highest level of service. Our legion of happy clients attest to the fact that we know this business inside out. Yes, we can offer you even more comprehensive marketing solutions, such as our next offering:

Human Communications is at the vanguard of digital media. Our skilled team employs tools such as SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, Social Media Campaigns, PR and chat-based marketing, meaning your brand will reach the largest possible audience.

Yes, we’re here to empower your business. From Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, web-driven campaigns, WhatsApp and SMS competitions to Google Ads, we can formulate the strategy suited to your needs. How’s that for comprehensive marketing solutions? There’s more…

How do you harness the right media for your message? How do you negotiate the best prices with media houses? Human Communications has all of that – and more – covered. We oversee the entire buying process, from rate and added value negotiation to booking and cross-checking of all schedules, chase lists, CIs, material key codes, rates and invoices as well as the compilation of post-campaign analysis and monitoring of all spend and commitment discounts. There’s more to our comprehensive marketing solutions offerings!

Don’t forget about traditional media such as outdoor advertising, facilitation of radio and television advertisements and print. Our reach is unrivalled, just like our comprehensive marketing solutions.

The core of our business is our ability to compile comprehensive marketing solutions based on budgets, advertising periods, target markets and business/communication objectives. We always keep your needs front and centre. That’s what we call making the Human Connection.