Our New Offering: Promotional Branding

To build a strong company, you need instantly recognisable branding. Human Communications can help you reach every corner of your customer base.


Through smart promotional branding, of course.

Our broad service offering now includes branding on products such as gazebos, banners, pamphlets, notebooks, flyers and catalogues. How about internal and external use such as stationery, cutlery and clothing? Human Communications now offers these and so much more.

If you’re wondering why it’s a smart idea to utilise branding, we’ll be happy to shed some light. In the first instance, it ups brand recognition considerably. Almost 80% of consumers own and use some form of promotional product. We all know that subliminal enforcement is incredibly powerful, so even if they may not consciously use (for instance) a pen branded with your company logo, they cerebrally still pick up on your brand.

Next up, there’s brand retention. Strong customer loyalty is fostered through constant exposure – a very important reason why you should have promotional branding in your arsenal. If you keep seeing a logo on a gift item, you are more likely to “reciprocate” by staying loyal to a brand.

Did you know that promotional products are more likely to be passed on from one person to the next? This, in turn, makes promotional branding a cost-effective marketing tool. Your brand’s presence and recognisability is spread very organically, with only an initial expense on your part.

Another crucial benefit is increased sales generation. Promotional branding is known to generate new leads – especially if it contains a catchy message and a call to action, such as visiting a website or social media platform.

Lastly, promotional branding fosters employee loyalty. We all know that a happy employee who knows that he/she is appreciated is more likely to work harder and give maximum input. A great way to show this appreciation, not to even mention boost pride for their very own company, is a branded gift.

As you can see, the benefits of promotional branding are immense and clear to see.

Smart promotional branding is now at your fingertips. So for unique, meaningful messaging that delivers tangible results, speak to Human Communications. That’s what we call making the Human Connection.