The Ins and Outs of Good Branding – Part One
In our social media posts of this week, we spoke about how there are more than 43 million people in South Africa, covering an area of 757 135km2. How do you successfully reach such a vast amount of people? Through good branding, of course. In a two-part series, we will take you through the steps of reaching brand equity.
More often than not, what differentiates you and what shapes perception about you, is your advertising: The image you project. That’s why you need to have a carefully crafted strategy in place: The bedrock of good branding. Human Communications will offer expert assistance here, starting with brand definition. No, we’re not referring to what you sell, but to why you sell it and what you want to achieve. How do you want your consumers to feel when they use you? What emotions do you want to elicit?
Human Communications has 30 years’ worth of experience in elevating our clients’ visibility – and we do that by applying good branding techniques. How? By not only taking into account the important aspect of your purpose as a brand, but also how you want to be perceived. What do you want people to say when they talk to their friends about you? What, in their opinion, makes you different to your competitors?
Yes, it’s often the intangible that sets companies apart. Taking this into account, we can start implementing good branding by formulating a specific “look” and “voice”. Think about successful brands: Without even seeing a logo, consumers know who is talking to them just by noticing distinctive colours and reading brand-specific wording. This is where it becomes important to stay consistent, too. By integrating your new look and voice (your template) into every aspect of your brand (even how your employees answer phones), you will cement your brand in your consumers’ consciousness.
That’s just a start for good branding. Check back next time when we will tackle such topics as outshining your competitors, getting your staff involved and extending the life of your brand.
If just a thousand of those 43 million people start talking positively about your company, news can start spreading like a wildfire. That’s the power of good branding – and of making the Human Connection.