What is a Media Buying Consultant, and why do you need one? Media buying Consultant

When it comes to successful branding, there’s a person who can make a world of difference. That would be the Media Buying Consultant.

In a nutshell: they are space generators. Now I know you’re picturing NASA, but bear with me. To ensure a robust media presence for your brand, you need a superior Media Buying Consultant – literally the person who makes sure advertising space is booked for your brand. A space generator!

These days, it’s all about reaching the largest audience, at the lowest cost, in the easiest manner. In order to send your brand into the stratosphere, you should demand a Media Buying Consultant who can deliver on all three. Human Communications, for years the leader in the recruitment advertising field, has expanded its product offering and can now draw on the vast experience of the country’s leading Media Buying Consultants.

Where does the process start? Think of an atom. It is made up of infinitesimally small, but unimaginably strong protons, neutrons and electrons. Take a creative idea, however small, and watch us start building your media strategy with these ideas. Your space generator (yes, the Media Buying Consultant) takes into consideration budget, medium format, pricing rates, demographics, geographic and psychographics (all the protons and neutrons) in the formulation of a media strategy that will see your brand expand.

Now, we move on to splitting this atom. What do we mean now? As you are well aware, there are a multitude of media platforms where you can advertise your brand. There is traditional media (that would be print, radio, billboards and the like) and digital (social media, SEO, pay-per-click, SMS campaigns, etc). All of these have their strengths, but the real benefit is knowing which one of these will best convey your message. Your Media Buying Consultant is the one person who can make this work for you – “splitting the atom” (ie carving up the different media platforms). We know what happens when an atom splits, right? Exponential expansion. All companies want that for their brands!

When it comes to payment for these services, no company rivals Human Communications’ relationships with media houses (not to mention our negotiation skills). Your Media Buying Consultant thus has access to the most current rate cards and can take care of media rate agreements.

To track your brand’s movement across the stratosphere of success, your Media Buying Consultant keeps up-to-date with industry research figures and will be on board for costing, roll-out and analysis. On the back of extensive research, Human Communications will prepare easy to follow costing models, ensure that the campaign is best served by its media and perform tracking for reporting purposes.

Ready to launch your next campaign? Chat to a Media Buying Consultant at Human Communications – our space generators always make the Human Connection. Now if you’ll excuse us, we are off to gaze at the stars and marvel at the universe…