Ever Wondered Why you Need a Turnkey Media Company?turnkey media solutions

These days, marketing your brand requires a multi-pronged approach. Although they are still vital avenues for getting your brand message across, the so-called “traditional media” (radio, television, print) may not be enough to reach multiple audiences. With a multi-pronged approach, though, comes more things to do, more to remember, more to invoice, etc. Multi-prong might start to feel like a multi-headed beast. That’s why you need a turnkey media company.

What does that mean for you? That you will have one full-service media agency at your disposal. Let’s take, for instance, media buying: An intricate process that is sometimes overlooked when planning a strategy on your own. The ins and outs of negotiating a contract with a media house is an art, not to mention having access to preferential rates. Do you know who does have access to the latter? Human Communications, of course. That’s what a turnkey media company can get you.

Yet another consideration is expertise. Human Communications’ Media Coordinators have a combined experience of over 30 years; our creative team collectively almost 50 years. We know this industry inside out, and this means that we can draw on years’ worth of quality work. A lot of providers can offer multiple services, but a turnkey media company with the right expertise – and the sheer scale of Human Communications’ skills, is hard to find.

Next up: Reach within the industry. As mentioned before, traditional media is still vital, but your brand definitely needs to harness search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, blog writing and the like to make a significant impact. Here’s where a turnkey media company is important: The ability to speak to different audiences, in different languages, on different platforms requires the ability to execute a marketing strategy successfully. Our experience and accolades in this arena speak for themselves.

Another significant plus of a turnkey media company? Easy invoicing. With Human Communications, you will only get one purchase order and one invoice per month, significantly lessening paperwork and making payments much less complicated.

Being a full service, turnkey media company furthermore means being able to monitor the strength of your strategy and making adjustments, if needed. Yes, Human Communications will be by your side for this aspect of the business too.

So, before we run off and brew our first coffee of the day, let’s recap what a turnkey media company can offer you: Superior media planning; experienced strategy planning and unmatched creative input; nonpareil industry reach; easy invoicing (let’s hear it for less paperwork!); and follow-up. In short: Time, talent and infrastructure.

All of this comes with the promise of Human Communications’ legendary personal touch. We call this making the Human Connection.