Bring the Big Idea – We’re Ready for Them!

On 1 May 1987, Helen Human started the company that has grown into the industry leader that is Human Communications.

You’re right: One person, with big ideas.big idea

That is why the team at Human Communications is so comfortable with a big idea, strong concepts and taking bold leaps: Because we’ve been there ourselves. As one of South Africa’s first media companies wholly owned and run by women, we took bold steps when it was thought that women couldn’t do that.

Now is the time to also take your company in directions that your competitors never thought possible – by your clients, your competitors, and maybe even you. What’s the next step? A big idea, of course!

But how do you execute that? With a “big idea partner”, of course! Human Communications is a multi-award-winning media agency for a personal focus. We’ve always known that the differentiating factor is people and Human Communications has grown in leaps and bounds because of that. We know that aspirational and inspirational messages make or break a big idea.

A big idea might be a bit scary at first. You are, after all, leaving your comfort zone. But look to other companies who embraced it, such as Apple, for instance. They are now the most respected brand in the world – and a lot of it had to do with them embracing a big idea.

Simplicity, originality and contagiousness are important pillars of the big idea, but so are surprise (“is that really an ad for them?”) and likeability. It’s easily digestible yet a fresh shot of the new. And who better than Human Communications – a firebrand when it comes to big ideas – to help your brand become the most recognised in its category?

Yes, we understand clients across the board – the small start-up, the big conglomerate, and every other company in between. Thus, we know which big idea works best for them.

We call that making the Human Connection.

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