Successful Social Media Campaign is the New Holy Grail.But how do you get your brand noticed this way, in the right way? It might seem like a confusing maze, but a branding partner like Human Communications can show you the way. In today’s post, we’re going to delve into what makes a social media campaignsuccessful social media campaign.

In the first instance, you need to determine what goal you would like to accomplish with your social media campaign. Do you want to gauge public opinion, engage followers, boost brand awareness, improve your business reputation, generate leads or promote a product?


Then, it’s important to choose the right social media campaign that will accomplish your goals. Sweepstakes and contests are a great way to get the word out that you’re here and you value your customers. Staging an interesting vote or hosting a quiz will result in helpful insights from your client base – and that will contribute to better marketing decisions in the future. Every vote can generate a story, so it’s also a great way to get noticed. Posting videos (whether on YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram Stories) about your products is a great prom

otion tool. But remember: Today’s consumers have a lot of media to take in, so keep it short, snappy and interesting. Company pages on LinkedIn shares news, advertises jobs and keeps your followers informed.


Now it’s time to promote your social media campaign. Use banners, po

st pictures and send out those tweets. Remember that it’s important to keep to your established brand voice and guidelines, so brand colours and speech should be consistent with what you usually use in your communications.


Does this all seem a bit overwhelming? A successful longer social media campaign, as an addition to daily one-off posts, can make the world of difference. However, it takes a lot of planning and hard work behind the scenes, so you should trust an expert to help you reach your goals. That expert is, of course, Human Communications. Our skilled team will pull out all the stops to help you reach your target audience.


With social media campaigns, it’s important to get per

sonal. That’s what we call making the Human Connection.

We’re off to go make a difference for another of our satisfied customers. We will chat to you again next week!