Happy new year from all of us at Human Communications! Our wishes for you this year is happiness, prosperity and success.

How can we help those wishes come true? As a client-centric service provider, we have the perfect strategy. Yes, we are definitely client-focused too, but today we would like to talk about our role of being client-centric.

But what is client-focused versus client-centric? Client-focused means we spotlight wants, whereas client-centric means we spotlight needs. So today, let’s talk about what our clients need.

The golden thread then running through the whole experience, will be meeting your needs. In the first instance, we want to focus on the human aspect. In a world where everything seems to be automated, we believe in making the Human Connection. What that means, is that we truly listen to you. We embrace a client-centric culture of service and delivery, where we take all your business’ needs into account. That definitely translates into your importance being taken into account and us not just wanting to force our ideas onto you. We really do our research, making sure we understand your goals.

As a client-centric media services agency, we are then able to transform your goals into measurable success – and that starts with our long-standing media owner partnerships. Because we have built solid relationships with media houses over the past 30 years (once again employing our legendary Human Connection), we can offer you the best that the media world has to offer. This means choice, visibility and results.

Next up, Human Communications will utilise our client-centric approach to formulate the most optimal content, meaning your message will come across load and clear to your chosen audience. It’s a fine balance, choosing the right directive, but because your needs are paramount, we make it work.

Your payment requirements also come into play when we talk about being client-centric. How? We have the best connections with media houses when it comes to payment plans, meaning we can negotiate the best prices and method of payment.

In an environment where needs are sometimes overlooked in favour of expediency, you want a company standing by your side and fighting for you. That’s Human Communications.

Our work ethic encompasses partnership, expedition, invention and putting our clients at the centre of what we do. Yes, that’s being client-centric, ensuring the personal touch. That’s what we call making the Human Connection.

Right now, this blog poster needs a cookie and some coffee, so I’ll run off to the café now… See you next week for more interesting media tidbits!