Why should your Brand use an Advertising Agency in South Africa anyway? Part II


Last week, we started talking about why using an advertising agency for your brand is still vital. (See that post here.) This week, we give more compelling reasons:

  1. An adverting agency in South Africa can give you great branding, as opposed to good branding.

No doubt your company is the best in its field. At Human Communications, we are the best in our field: Advertising and brand building. It takes diverse talents to put together a stellar marketing campaign, and we are the advertising agency in South Africa that has it all under one roof. That’s why, while you know your brand best and can do a good job at promoting it, we can do a great job – simply because that is our focus.

  1. An advertising agency in South Africa is best at brand amplification.

A great idea needs follow-up and reinforcement. An advertising agency has the talent, resources and contacts to make this happen by conducting market research as to how your previous campaign was received, and then building from there. It’s a good idea to keep to a certain campaign if it was successful the first time around, but to not bore your audience either. An advertising agency knows all about this delicate balance and can give your brand the guidance you need – thereby amplifying your value.

  1. An advertising agency in South Africa can give your brand quicker access to new advertising platforms.

At Human Communications, we always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new ways to advertise. Do you know about viewable impressions, native advertising and mobile video advertising? At Human Communications, we do. Do you know how to implement these? We do, along with every new development in methods to advertise. That’s because we want your brand to succeed. Which brings us to our last reason:

  1. An advertising agency in South Africa will do everything to see you succeed.

Human Communications want to obtain results for your brand. Did you know that the average person is exposed to some 5 000 ads per day. Of those 5 000, they are likely to react to only 12. Yes, 12. We want your brand to be the one they get excited about, make decisions about and, ultimately, choose. That’s not just because we want to bolster our own reputation. We are passionate about this business, our business.

Working together, we can make the Human Connection. Choose best exposure, best message, best platforms for you. Choose an advertising agency in South Africa.