Are you Making the Connection with a Top Media Buying Company?

top media buying company

We all have different ideas about what it means to be a pioneer.

For Human Communications, it’s being the first to offer strategic, high-quality media buying and media planning; and that means that you, our clients, can benefit from using a top media buying company.
In our 30 years of offering these indispensable services to our clients, one thing has seen us stand out: The Human Connection. Yes, automation solves a lot of problems – but we believe that through strategic partnerships and professional media-centric relationships, we have become a top media buying company in South Africa.

Since you – the client – is at the centre of what we do, we recognise that making an investment in your business means choosing strategy-driven advertising.

This is where media buying comes in. Optimal media should be accountable and quantifiable; that’s why you need an expert hand to guide you. We oversee the entire buying process: From rate and added value negotiation to booking and cross-checking of all schedules and chase lists, to CIs, material key codes, rates and invoices. We also compile post-campaign analysis and monitor all spend and commitment discounts. That’s what makes a top media buying company: Optimal media buying, working hard for you.

At our core at Human Communications is our deft ability to compile media plans and strategies to suit your specific needs. Utilising a strategic approach, we take into account your budget, carefully worked out advertising periods, pinpointed target markets and specified business and communication objectives and then formulate a media game plan that is not only tailor-made, but also guaranteed to succeed and make a connection. Our top media buying team are virtuosos at deciphering what will work best for you.

The path to meaningful consumer and employee engagement and media connection is no longer linear. In fact, it hasn’t been for a while now. Is your company still operating under the old rules? If so, the time has come to adapt and start using a top media buying company. Media buying and planning may be daunting, but with a skillful, experienced partner by your side making strategic, customised decisions, you will succeed in your communication endeavours.

As a top media buying company, we are the pioneers – and that means your business will be first. It’s what we call making a media connection and, yes, the Human Connection.