What do You want from an Advertising Agency ?

The model of advertising has indelibly changed – and that includes advertising agencies in South Africa.


Compellingly, brands now need people more than people need brands, shifting the focus completely. But what does that mean for your company, and how should it impact your choice of advertising agency?

In the first instance, your advertising agency should realise that branding should now happen continuously. Regular social media updates and digital engagement are imperative. Speak to our team for more on how digital and social will see you soar.

Secondly, the agency should be willing to work collaboratively with their clients. Millennials, especially, have big ideas and since they will make up the bulk of the workforce really soon, an advertising agency should not let ego get in the way and listen to their client’s ideas.

At Human Communications, we would love to hear from you!

This should definitely not be a one-way street though. Advertising agencies in South Africa should be given the opportunity to push back and be bold in their communication with clients. We are confident that the advice we can give you will be on-point.

We are sure you would like to hear from us too!

It’s definitely beneficial to choose an advertising agency that speaks your company’s language and asks the right questions. At Human Communications, we have experts at the ready who are well-versed in every aspect of business. In the past 30 years, we have worked with clients from every sector. We know what works for you.

Importantly, make sure that you share the definition of success with your advertising agency, meaning you have the same goals for your branding. Which audience is most important to you? Which avenues would work best? Let’s work collaboratively.

Then, make sure your South African advertising agency is available to you, should you need to speak to them. Yes, we all know that agencies don’t only have one client, or ten, or even 100 (some many more!) but you should always be made to feel important.

That is what we at Human Communications call making the Human Connection.