Do you also just want Monday to fade away? We’ve all been there! But the truth is, how you start this day will set the tone for the rest of the work week.

To help you get it right, we have compiled some tips. Here they are:

Interestingly, your Monday prep starts on a Friday. Yes, we all tempted to run off as quick as we can into our weekend, but how about taking a few more minutes and finishing up what you’re busy with? This way, you can start your Monday on a clean slate and have a stress-free weekend.

Eat breakfast! The mental benefits are well-known and there’s nothing like a nutritious breakfast to get you going. Try to avoid energy drinks though; interestingly enough, an apple may be better at waking you up than a cup of coffee. (But coffee is so good!)

Wear a new, or brightly coloured, outfit. If you look good to yourself, you will feel good!

We especially like this one: random acts of kindness. Doing good will make you feel good. The New York Times reported last week that research suggests good deeds are beneficial to overall health, so open that door for a colleague, greet the security guard, offer to make coffee. Yes, we love our coffee!

Exercise! Get your heart pumping and clear your mind. If you don’t have time before work, how about going for a brisk walk during your lunch break, or climbing some stairs. Which brings us to…

Take regular, well-timed breaks. Among other things, this boosts creativity, improves attention span and gives your eyes a well-deserved break.

Remind yourself of previous successes (especially those that occurred on a Monday). One of those could be remembering to entrust Human Communications with all your branding, media buying and planning, recruitment and digital media needs… #selfpromotion

Plan something fun for after work. The new slasher film/rom-com at the movies is calling your name! How about drinks with friends? Or even a cuddle with your pet. Create something to look forward to.

When signing off time rolls around, remember: You are now one day closer to the weekend!