2017 truly is the year of the Millennial. Why is that? They are starting to earn real money and with that comes impressive spending power. Now is the time to harness that. But how do you build and promote your brand with millennials?

Let’s investigate:

The first thing to consider about Millennials, is that they take their cues from social media. What does that mean for your brand? Now we know that you feel you’ve lassoed the power of digital, but are you doing it right? It’s easy to just post to Twitter and Facebook, but that really is just a one-way conversation. It’s time to interact by asking pertinent questions, holding a poll and replying to questions and comments. Millennials want their brands to be authentic.

That brings us to another Millennial branding topic: They are skeptical and are often dismissive of marketing efforts. How do you get around that? By showing you are credible and trustworthy. (If you’re not, why not?) Look into UGC – that’s user-generated content. While they may feel they don’t trust companies, they do trust their peers.

Millennials are far more interested in brands that are socially responsible. Making an impact is important to them – and they want to get involved too. Do your research and find a cause that works for you, but be absolutely sincere in your actions. They can smell a rat really quick! Be open about how you do business.

Then we need to get to trolling: Millennials like to pull pranks and make jokes on social media. If you’ve made a public mistake, own it. Make a meme about it. Whatever you do, don’t react angrily. When the blood is in the water, the sharks will come. Your brand will thank you.

When branding to Millennials, always respect their individuality. Find out how your brand can fit into their need for self-expression by asking them to share their photos and experiences.

It may seem overwhelming, but your brand can reach Millennials if you do your research well. Ask them questions and respect their answers. Make the Human Connection.