Did you know that, without great people in your stable, the result will be stagnation?

That’s why it’s imperative to hire passionate, engaged people. But how do you do that?

By making sure you have a stellar talent acquisition strategy in place. We will take you through the steps:

Let’s start with a targeted job description. Human Communications are the experts here and can offer crackerjack assistance. Consider the following: Shorter is generally better. Talent acquisition depends on key buzzwords that will catch the eye and keep potential employees engaged. Talk about your company: Not just who you are, but what you stand for and what you can offer.

Yes, you’re right: Brand marketing is essential to HR.

In this vein, it’s a good idea to have an appealing website – even including a dedicated career portal where you not only post vacancies, but also talk about hiring developments.

Then, make sure there’s a contact person for more information; and be clear with the response process.

So, you’ve put out something enticing and now we move on to the next step in your talent acquisition strategy.

Find the right way to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking at CVs. Human Communications has a great response handling team in place that can help you find a pearl in a sea of resumes. It’s an unfortunate reality that unqualified candidates will apply. Implement a strategy to filter these out.

Talent acquisition reaches its nexus with the interview process. Here, your ally is targeted questioning. Ask about accomplishments, failures (and how they bounced back), how their past experience matches the vacancy, etc. Sketch a real-life work situation and have them illustrate how they will approach this. Having more than one person on the interview panel will increase success, since different opinions can be taken into consideration.

Now, it’s time to make an offer and test how your acquisition strategy has improved.

Keeping your new employees engaged and motivated is key, so be sure to include a game plan in your talent acquisition strategy to ensure this. This moves beyond benefits; yes, we’re talking about company culture and making employees feel appreciated and needed. If someone feels that they’re not making a difference, you can be sure their productivity will lag. Millennials demand an attractive work environment – and that can play a big part in getting unsolicited CVs.

With a little extra effort, and by fully employing your talent acquisition strategy, you can make the right human connection.